What makes a favourite? For some it’s that they look great, for other photos it’s all about the memories they represent.
First light at Preacher's Point-20201116-006First light at Preacher's Point-20201116-013First light at Preacher's Point-20201116-065First light at Preacher's Point-20201116-090First light at Preacher's Point-20201116-118-HDRFirst light at Preacher's Point-20201116-179-HDRBanff Roadtrip-20201117-088Nighttime on Abraham-20201124-006Nighttime on Abraham-20201124-013Ice Checks-20201203-040Ice Checks-20201203-044Abraham Lake Ice Walk-20201204-047Abraham Lake Ice Walk-20201204-073Abraham Lake Ice Walk-20201204-077Icefalls + Ice Bubbles-20201220-097Icefalls + Ice Bubbles-20201220-098New Year's Eve Fireworks-20201231-080New Year's Eve Fireworks-20201231-118New Year's Eve Fireworks-20201231-138New Year's Eve Fireworks-20201231-141