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Head out for an ice walk on Abraham Lake in search of the methane bubbles that have made the area famous. Your guide will take you to one of the best spots on the lake for ice bubbles and quirky ice formations. Where we go depends on the conditions but Preacher's Point, BATUS Camp, Belly of Abraham and Hoodoo Creek are some of our favourites for this tour. Find out more at
Late Afternoon on Abraham Lake - 20190110-071Late Afternoon on Abraham Lake - 20190110-067Late Afternoon on Abraham Lake - 20190110-058Late Afternoon on Abraham Lake - 20190110-053Late Afternoon on Abraham Lake - 20190110-044Icefalls + Ice Bubbles - 20190104-077Icefalls + Ice Bubbles - 20181229-117Icefalls + Ice Bubbles - 20181229-112Icefalls + Ice Bubbles - 20181228-131Icefalls + Ice Bubbles - 20181228-122Icefalls + Ice Bubbles - 20181228-120Icefalls + Ice Bubbles - 20181228-119Icefalls + Ice Bubbles - 20181228-110Hoodoo Creek Sunset - 20181227-137Hoodoo Creek Sunset - 20181227-100-2Hoodoo Creek Sunset - 20181227-114Siffleur Falls Winter Hike - 20181215-065Siffleur Falls Winter Hike - 20181215-060