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Every month is different on Abraham Lake. Early season ice bubbles are found at Preacher's Point starting in early November. The shallower section of the lake makes for interesting compositions, with rock and grass visible through the ice. The main lake starts to freeze in mid to late December creating some nice opportunities for pictures from the shore with a thin layer of ice.
Siffleur Falls Winter Hike - 20181215-024-2Siffleur Falls Winter Hike - 20181215-060Siffleur Falls Winter Hike - 20181215-062Siffleur Falls Winter Hike - 20181215-065Siffleur Falls Winter Hike - 20181215-075Location Scouting - 20181227-007Location Scouting - 20181227-010Hoodoo Creek Sunset - 20181227-047Hoodoo Creek Sunset - 20181227-069Hoodoo Creek Sunset - 20181227-083Hoodoo Creek Sunset - 20181227-097Hoodoo Creek Sunset - 20181227-098-2Hoodoo Creek Sunset - 20181227-100-2Hoodoo Creek Sunset - 20181227-106Icefalls + Ice Bubbles - 20181229-140Ice Bubbles at Cline Landing - 20191215-055Ice Bubbles at Cline Landing - 20191215-052Ice Bubbles at Cline Landing - 20191215-050Ice Bubbles at Cline Landing - 20191215-052-2Ice Bubbles at Cline Landing - 20191215-049